Is Your Car Summer Ready – A/C?

The weather is changing quickly here in Las Vegas and the temperatures are rising. As long as the temperature stays hot outside and cool inside there shouldn’t be a problem. But what do you do if you get in your car on that first hot day of the year flip on the air conditioning and find out what’s blowing through the vents is just as hot as the air outside? No matter how long you let the A/C blow it doesn’t get any cooler. Perhaps that isn’t your problem though and the air blowing is cool but not cool enough. Whatever the situation may be if your A/C is not blowing cold you have a problem.

The air conditioner in our vehicles is an enclosed system that contains a gas called freon. The gas is circulated throughout the system by the compressor. The expansion valve or orifice tube changes the freon gas to a liquid which makes it get cold. While the cold freon is circulated through the evaporator core, the blower blows air across the core to send cold air into the cabin of the vehicle. This gas is highly pressurized and any leak in the system will cause noticeable side effects. Any higher than usual temperatures coming from the A/C should be looked at right away before the problem gets any worse.

The most expensive A/C fix would be replacing the compressor. If the compressor becomes defective the freon has no way of cooling the air. Sometimes the compressor can leak and when that happens, there is no bandage, it’s a new compressor or no A/C. Most commonly though the leak is usually caused by old hoses. At that point, the hose is replaced, a recharge done, and your A/C will be back to normal.

As to ensure you don’t get stuck in the middle of the summer without A/C it is a good idea to have the system checked in the spring time. Finding a problem before it evolves can often save you from many more expensive repairs. If you have any doubts that your A/C is performing at its peak then have it looked at by a professional. Bob’s Autodynamics has serviced air conditioning systems for 31 years and is ready for another hot Las Vegas summer.

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