Auto repairs in Las Vegas can be a scary thing to do. If you have lived in Las Vegas a long time you can remember when it was a small town. People could be trusted and business was done with a hand shake. Now Las Vegas is a big city and with that comes big city problems. Las Vegas is a very transient city people and businesses come and go faster than you can imagine.

Times have changed and we as consumers have to be careful. All business dealings you have should be done with a reputable business. We recently had a new customer that just got a new radiator put in their car 2 months ago. We told the customer the radiator was the problem but looked brand new and advised them to call the other shop and get the problem fixed under warranty. They informed us the other shop was out of business and gone. With no recourse they had to pay to get another radiator installed.

We as consumers have to do our home work on a business. How long have they been in business? How long have they been at that location? Are the owners of that business the original ones? Are the owners involved in running the business? These are all good questions that need to be answered. The BBB is a good source for information regarding any business. County records will provide information also.

Personally I like to do business with smaller good old family run business. I like to get to know the people behind the business. I like that they know me by name and take the time to take care of me. I like the fact that if there is a problem that the owner or manager will take care of the problem and in turn are taking care of me. I do not like the feeling I’m just another number waiting to be helped.

Just like a good doctor gets to know you and your body to help them take care of you better year after year. A good auto repair shop will get to know you and your vehicles. They will be very helpful in keeping you going without problems or failures as your vehicle ages. Bob’s Autodynamics has been in business in the same location since 1986. Now that’s dependable. So let’s all choose our doctors and auto repair shops carefully.

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