Everything Needs a Battery

Used to be the only time you really needed batteries was at Christmas time. Now they are needed for just about everything especially electronic devices. Even our vehicles have always needed batteries and now some vehicles run on batteries only. Just like our various gadgets car batteries need attention in order to keep vehicles functioning properly. Car batteries store the electrical energy required to start and run our vehicles. Car batteries are not going to stop functioning in your driveway. They will pick the most inconvenient place possible. Car batteries have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. Depending on climate conditions batteries 3 years old or older will experience failure. While a battery tends to last longer in a cold climate extreme cold and heat will also deteriorate a batteries functioning ability. Routine maintenance can help your battery function properly. Regular checking of cables for cracking or fraying, battery connection for corrosion and in some cases the water level inside. Batteries should be tested every three to six months. Some warning signs are; lights will dim when air conditioning or heat is on or corrosion on battery cables. Has the battery needed a jump start or external charge? Is the battery past the warranty date ? These are all indicators that you may need to get a new battery. So as we enjoy our battery powered electronic devices we should also make sure our vehicle battery is maintained in order for it to function at its peak. Happy motoring and be safe.

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