Funny Auto Shop Stories

June 20, 2013

Running an auto repair shop for the last 26 years has been very demanding and rewarding. Helping people get back on the road in a well fixed car can be satisfying and stressful. It’s Friday afternoon and the customer is waiting for their car the new part just showed up and it’s the wrong part. The shop goes into overdrive to manage the problem. Something must be done and done quick to correct the problem and take care of a good customer. Thats the stressful part and there is nothing funny about the situation at hand.

But over the years funny thing just seem to happen. Like the time a person called in a panic and said “My lock button doesn’t work on my remote how do I get in my car?” We calmly explained to use the key and unlock the door just like you did in the old days. Many times over the  years an unfamiliar person has come into the office looking for their car, but we are not the shop where the took it to. Every now and again a person will tell us their car is possessed. When we ask why they inform us it won’t start at times. We always seem to find a faulty part causing the mysterious problem. We had a car in once and found at least 100 post it’s all over the dashboard and console. I think that person had a lot to do. One day a gentleman came in with a huge rock on the front seat and told us not to move it. When we asked why he said that rock came crashing through the front window while travelling down the freeway and it reminded him everyday he was still alive. One day a person came in and wanted us to inspect under his car for a bomb he was convinced someone was after him. Naturally after a thorough inspection we found no bomb.

I could go on and on but I think I’ll save the rest in case hollywood wants to make a good sitcom “Auto Repair in Sin City”.

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