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January 22, 2013

Times have changed for the automobile. In 1986 when I first opened Bob’s Autodynamics auto service and repair center inLas Vegas things were different. The vehicles of today are made to last longer then the vehicles of the past. Back in 1980 computers were being installed in cars to help with the pollution problem in our country. Those were some rough years for the car makers.

The auto manufactures were under pressure from the EPA to make cars run cleaner. The only way the car makers could accomplish this was to enlist the help of the computer to run the fuel and ignition systems of the vehicle. At that point in time carburetors were used to deliver fuel to the engine. The engineers had trouble making a mechanical part (the carburetor) work well with an electronic part (the computer). They did the best they could but still had problems achieving pollution goals.

In 1990 the manufactures decided to start using electronic fuel injectors. That change with many other advancements helped them achieve their goals. Not only did the pollution coming form cars go down gas mileage went up and cars ran better. Gone were the days waiting for your car to warm up before you could depend on your car to run good.

Around the year 2000 manufactures really improved engine and transmission designs. It is not unusual for a vehicle to last 300,000 miles if it has been well maintained. Those improvements with others again helped pollution and gas mileage.

At Bob’s Autodynamics we have noticed that the newer cars with all their advancements and improvements will fall apart or break down faster if not maintained then the older cars did. It’s the old saying , they don’t make them like they use to. But if you do maintain your new car it will last you a good long while.

Americans LOVE their automobiles. We all have our favorite car we own or wished we could afford to own. There is nothing better than driving down the highway on a nice day to visit our family or friends. I know I’m looking forward to my next trip down that highway in my well maintained car.

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