High Mileage Vehicle Care

Many cars we see have well over 100,000 miles. Some of which are in better shape than others with much more life left in them. Here are some ways to keep your vehicle rolling into the high-mileage club.

  • Drive with care. Don’t drive aggressively, harsh accelerating and braking can wear your car out quickly.
  • Prompt repairs and regular maintenance can save you from bigger repairs and even bigger headaches. Always check fluid levels and be sure to carry extra fluids if driving long distances.
  • Keep it clean. This can add to your resale value and can even add to the longevity of your car’s life. A vehicle that looks as though it has been well-taken care of is much more desirable to a buyer.
  • This odometer belongs to a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser that came in for a check-up which needed very few repairs. You can bet that this thing was in great condition and was well-taken care of with regular maintenance and quality repairs.

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