It’s Another New Year in Las Vegas

January 10, 2014

Can you believe it’s 2014 and another new year is here. Last year seemed to go buy so fast. Is it because I’m getting up there in years? They say the older you get the faster time goes. I’m starting to believe it but that’s a whole different story. 2013 was another year Las Vegas struggled to pull out of a bad economy. They say our unemployment is about 9% but I think the real number is about double that. It seemed like another year of nothing but bad news with one scandal after another. What is it going to take to get our wonderful country back on track? I better stop there before I really start losing it! On to a positive note let’s all make 2014 a better year for all of us. If we all keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward we the people can overcome the worst Washington has to throw at us. This year started off with the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. Everything from computer eyewear to massive 4k TV’s that have a picture 4 times as clear as what we are use to. One of the things that caught my attention being a serious car guy was the self driving cars at the show. I don’t know about you but when it comes to my car I want my hands on the wheel and my foot on the gas as I steer my way down the road. Americans love their cars, they always have and I’m sure you are like me I want the pleasure of driving my car down the road. Now I know it’s no fun being stuck in rush hour traffic on I-15 but how about driving around the Red Rock loop next weekend. Driving through the scenic views rounding the corners maybe a little too fast with no side streets for someone to pull out in front of you can be very exciting. If it’s a nice day the windows are down and the fresh air blowing through your car is something you just have to experience. I just can’t imagine letting my self driving car have all the fun. I think some things should be left to us humans without technology taking over. I know what you’re thinking some people just don’t know how to drive good and may be better off letting the car do it for them. That’s another topic for another day. We will see in the years to come just how the self driving car works out for us Americans who love to drive our cars.

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