Las Vegas – Car Service in Winter

October 11, 2013

Winter is coming and even though we live in the desert it gets cold in Las Vegas. Just like in the summer when our cars struggle to survive the 115 plus temperatures when the weather gets cold our cars can have multiple new problems due to the extreme cold. The first big problem will be your battery. Any time the temperature takes a big dip it can send a weak battery over the edge. The second problem you might encounter is all of a sudden you have a coolant leak. A lot of times it’s the water pump leaking. When the cold hits the water pump seal will shrink due to the cold temperature and there you have it a leaking water pump. Today’s radiators are made with plastic tanks and aluminum cores. When the cold hits the plastic tanks can crack and you now have a leaking radiator. Also it’s very important to have the proper amount and type of coolant in your car for both winter and summer. The third thing to watch out for is anything on your car made from rubber. In the extreme cold your tires can crack and go flat. Hoses and belts can crack and break. And of course when your car has a failure it will be at the most inconvenient time possible. You will end up late for work or the kids late for school. I don’t know why that happens but it just seems to work that way. The best advice I can give you is have your vehicle checked out before the cold weather is here. Most trained technicians can inspect your car and make any recommendations necessary to keep you on the road all winter long. At Bob’s Autodynamics we always offer seasonal inspections FREE during an oil and filter service. If it’s winter we will inspect your car for cold weather conditions. If it’s summer we will inspect your car for hot weather conditions. All of the technicians at Bob’s Autodynamics are ASE Master Certified. That means they have been certified in all categories of automobile repair and service. At Bob’s we don’t mess around with car repair and service we take it seriously. That’s why we have excellent ratings on the internet. We take care of our family of car lovers because that’s YOU

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