Face it women we love shoes. The right shoes can make an outfit. We will even wear shoes that are uncomfortable – for the right look. This can make you feel bad all over, it can cause back aches, tired legs and aching feet. Just like us our vehicles can feel bad all over too. Batteries store the electrical energy to start and run our vehicles. They need inspection every three to six months. Air filters help keep dust and contaminates from getting in the engine. The engine oil and filter should be changed every 3,000 miles. The cooling system helps to regulate heat for efficient engine operation and the system should be drained, flushed and refilled every 20,000 miles. Belts and hoses are important also these should be checked routinely for swelling, softness or cracking. Vehicle fluids should also be routinely inspected to ensure they are at proper levels. Last but not least the tire pressure should be checked monthly for safety and maximum gas mileage. We may continue to wear shoes that are uncomfortable yet attractive, but with a car that is properly maintained and running efficiently there will be less costly repairs. Therefore we can afford more shoes. On a side note for all the Ladies who drive to and from your destinations in high heels, place a pair of tennis shoes in your car in case of an emergency or vehicle breakdown. Happy shopping and be safe