Nascar and Auto Repair

March 11, 2013

Nascar comes to Las Vegas. With a fun filled weekend of Nascar racing at the Las VegasMotor Speedway all wrapped up it once again was a total success. The fans that support Nascar are the most dedicated fans I have ever seen. They will stand by their teams through thick and thin. They wear the team hats and jackets. They buy all kinds of team memorabilia. They support their team with their hard earned dollars. The fans also support the city the race is in with millions of dollars pumped into our great city.


The best part of being at the races is you get to share the experience with family and friends. The smell of those powerful engines and burning rubber can only be enjoyed live at the track. The buzzing of the cars as they streak by at over 200 miles per hour is just unbelievable. It is amazing to watch a car pull into pit row for tires, gas, and adjustments. The pit crew looks like a fine oiled machine when that car pulls in. Everyone has a job to do and they better do it in record time. It’s fun to watch these guys run around the car replacing all 4 tires, making adjustments, gassing up the tank and it only takes a few seconds.


Servicing your car is a lot like pulling into the pits. You want a well qualified crew working on your car don’t you? Finding a good shop may not be easy but once you find a good group of people to take care of you and your car you will want to keep them around. Knowing the same guys are looking after your car should bring you peace of mind. They get to know you and your car. They know your driving habits and needs. Nothing beats PERSONAL SERVICE, a lost art form these days.


So go ahead and support your local independent repair shop with your repairs and service needs. Don’t put up with just being a number at some big dealer or chain store with you and your personal needs getting lost in the shuffle. The local independent repair shops are the shops that keep America driving. Your local little repair shop will be the MADE IN AMERICAtype of business you’re looking for.


So go ahead and make your pit stop at the best independent repair shop in Las VegasBob’s Autodynamics.

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