Before You Purchase That Pre-Owned Vehicle

BEFORE purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, request to have the vehicle checked over by your trusty mechanic. Weed out the lemons by investigating on your own and then take the best ones to your mechanic for the final check. If the seller won’t let you get an inspection done, whether it be a dealership or a private seller, they are probably trying to hide something. In which case, run away as fast as you can! Here are a couple things you can check yourself:

  • Rust is prominent in vehicles that have lived in snowy climates. Depending on the severity, it can turn a simple repair into a nightmare by making bolts almost impossible to remove. Luckily rust is easy to see, a quick peak underneath the car and you’ll be able to catch it.
  • Check fluid levels and check for any fresh fluid around in the engine compartment. Low oil or coolant can be a sign of a larger problem.
  • Check the interior, if that hasn’t been well-taken care of, you can bet the rest of the vehicle hasn’t either.
    Take the vehicle for a test-drive. You want to ensure you don’t notice any warning lights pop on the dash, any odd smells or noises, and that the car stays at ambient temperatures.

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