Relationships With Your Mechanic

Do you go to the same doctor for checkups? Do you go to same dentist for cleaning or checkups? Most people do because they like to have the same people taking care of them and having their medical history. It’s all about building relationships with the people you trust to take care of you. If you own a home your car will be the second biggest investment in your life. If you don’t own a home your car will be the biggest investment in your life. Just like we need to take care of our teeth with maintenance by flossing, brushing and regular checkups you should be maintaining your car. Regular checkups and maintenance is going to keep your car healthy. It’s to your advantage to find a good repair shop and stick with them. Just like your doctor a good shop will keep all the maintenance records for your car. They will help you stay on top of everything your car needs based on your personal driving habits. From how often you should change your oil and filter to letting you know when it’s time for other maintenance like cooling system flushes, transmission services and cabin filter replacement. They will know if you are the type of person that uses their brakes with a heavy foot or the type that is light on their brakes. Guess what type of person does more brake jobs? At Bob’s Autodynamics we build relationships with our clients. After 28 years in business we have 3 generations of families coming to our shop. It’s really fun watching our clients children grow up and start driving their parents car or maybe if they are lucky their own car. We enjoy helping those young drivers learn how to take care of their car just like their parents and grandparents. Yes it’s all about relationships.

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