Summer Heat & Cars In Las Vegas

July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013 After living in Las Vegas sine 1964 I have been through some hot summers. I must say this year was the worst I can remember. Two weeks ago when traveling through Las Vegas near Boulder Highway and Desert Inn the temperature reading was 120 degrees. That’s just too hot even for an old timer like me. That was the week the sheriff in Death Valley forbid any eggs in the region because everyone was trying to fry an egg in the street and causing a big mess. During our hot summers our cars are struggling to keep the engine from overheating every time we drive them. Little did you know your radiator system is just a couple of degrees from boiling over during those hot days. When our technicians pull a car into the shop for a repair or service and open the hood the temperatures from the engine can be hundreds of degrees. At that point the engine will need to cool off a bit before we can attempt to work on it. Summer heat is hard on our bodies. We must stay hydrated and cool or we will face the consequences. We will become sick and end up in the hospital or worse. Our cars are the same if we neglect them prior to the hot summer just like our bodies the car will not withstand the punishing heat. My best advice is to get your car checked out long before the heat arrives so you can enjoy a summer with no car breakdowns. Just remember if your car fails and you’re stuck on the side of the road you and your car will be sitting in the heat waiting for someone to rescue you. Being prepared is the thing to do. Having your car in tip top shape for summer is essential. Also don’t forget to carry at least two gallons of water with you for you or the car. Make sure your cell phone is charged and ready to go if needed. Another great idea is having an umbrella in you car not in case it rains but for shade if you are stuck on the side of the road. REMEMBER HEAT KILLS! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS OR YOUR PETS IN A LOCKED CAR. The interior temperature will exceed 150 degrees within minutes.

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