Tips to Save Gas Mileage

Gas prices are something most of us can’t control. The one thing we can control is how much we use of it. If you can’t cut your commute down there are driving techniques that will save you gas. These are some things you can do that will allow you to get the most fuel efficiency from your vehicle.

Aggressive driving is an obvious culprit of lowered mpg. But did you know that it can lower those gallons by up to 30 percent at highway speeds and up to 40 percent in stop-and-go traffic? This type of driving can mean anything from speeding, rapid acceleration or hard braking. A fairly obvious technique which could help with saving gas would be to keep at or below the speed limit. Once you hit 50 mph your gas mileage starts rapidly decreasing. Cruise control is a good tool to use. No matter how fast you are going it will maintain your speed and limit the use of unnecessary acceleration. Overall be a little more gentle with the gas and brake pedals.

Don’t forget that a vehicle with low tire pressure requires more fuel to move it forward. Check your tire pressure monthly and refill tires to the recommended pressure that is on the tire itself. Likewise a wheel alignment that is not straight can cause you to drag the tires which will certainly decrease mpg. Your alignment should be checked yearly and reset if needed. Not only will keeping your vehicle aligned and tires aired up save you money on gas it will also extend the life of your tires which also saves you money.

Also avoid hauling cargo on your roof when unnecessary. Roof pods and cargo nets are great for traveling but not for daily driving. Driving at freeway speeds can reduce your gas mileage up to 25 percent with a large cargo carrier on the roof. Bikes and racks on the rear of your vehicle can create a drag of up to 5 percent worth of fuel. Likewise try not to carry any extra weight within the car either. Keep it clean of trash or unnecessary items.

You should also consider the amount you idle your car. Excessive idling drinks your fuel and can use up to 1/2 gallon of gasoline per hour. Try to turn your car off if you know you will be idling for more than a couple of minutes.

Overall don’t forget to consider outside sources such as weather when thinking about your gas mileage. Some things are just out of your control. However do your best to make the most out of what you can control and bump up those mpg’s.

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