Women Taking Control of Their Car Services and Repairs

When I opened Bob’s Autodynamics way back in 1986 almost everyone we dealt with was a man. Back in the day men were in charge of taking care of the family car needs. They would make the decisions of what should be done or not done. In some cases I’m sure the woman may be helping with those decisions but we still always seemed to be dealing with the man of the house. Fast forward to today and boy have times changed. In todays world I would say that women represent over 50% of the customers we deal with. I must say sometimes change is good. It’s a pleasure to help women with their car needs. Women tend to be better listeners when we are explaining or educating them on anything they may not understand about their car and why they need the services or repairs suggested. Sorry guys I think with some men their egos get in the way and they don’t want to admit what little they know about todays cars. Just to be fair todays cars are very complex compared to the old days before everything (not just cars) came equipped with a some type of computer. I’m glad to see that todays women take on their car needs with confidence. They know that taking care of the second biggest or the biggest investment in their lives will pay off and pay off big. We a Bob’s Autodynamics take great pride in being able to help anyone understand and educate them on how their car works or why is it broken. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask just stop by or give us a call and we will be glad to help you.
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