high mileage maintenance

High Mileage Vehicle Care

Many cars we see have well over 100,000 miles, some of which are in better shape than others with much more life left in them. Here are some ways to keep your vehicle rolling into the high-mileage club. Drive with care. Don’t drive aggressively, harsh accelerating and braking can wear your car out quickly. Prompt…

Preventative Maintenance for your vehicle

Preventative Maintenance

In order to keep your car running the way it needs to you should keep up on regular maintenance. If you bought your car brand new follow the 30-60-90 rule. If your buying a used car have your mechanic fully inspect the vehicle before anything, this way you either save yourself some trouble or you…


Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Autonomous cars are still part of the future but cars that talk to each other are a reality now. The United States Department of Transportation has proposed a rule that would require all auto manufacturers to equip light-duty cars and trucks with vehicle-to-vehicle communications or V2V. This rule would go into effect in the year…

Electric Vehicle repair

Electric Vehicles

There has recently been a rise in electric vehicle sales and automakers are continuously working on technology to make their battery-powered vehicles better. There are many benefits and some downsides to owning an electric vehicle. Some of which may be a deal-breaker depending on your situation. If you drive long distances often the choice of…